PERFORMANCES INVISIBLES (INVISIBLE PERFORMANCES) is the third solo project by conceptual artist Steve Giasson. It was supported by DARE-DARE Center of Dissemination of Multidisciplinary Art, Montreal as part of its program “Micro-interventions in public spaces”.

This vast project was staggered over a full year: from July 7, 2015 to 7 July 2016.  It consist of than 130 Invisible Performances.

Performances invisibles (Invisible Performances) first took the form of conceptual statements: this is, ideas of works, recorded in writing which, although they can stand on their own, they call and describe so many minimal or enigmatic gestures - often taken from everyday life or the History of Art - which could be placed in the public or private space.

These statements were discreetly executed by Steve Giasson without any public (hence their “invisibility”).

They were also published online on the dedicated Website: www.performancesinvisibles.dare-dare.org (or www.performancesinvisibles.com) twice a week, on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS, in French, English and Spanish, as well as shared on the DARE-DARE’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/DARE-DARE/288421161197406?fref=ts) alongside the documentation of the performances that came to be as a consequence.

A project conducted in collaboration with DARE-DARE Centre of Dissemination of Multidisciplinary Art, Montreal, Tribalsolutions.ca and Doctoral Studies and Practices of Arts (University of Quebec at Montreal).

Exhibition of my PhD research (Doctorat en Études et pratiques des arts, Université du Québec à Montréal).


As a reply to the invitation sent by curator Jean-Michel Quirion, Steve Giasson conceived and executed some New Invisible Performances [nos 131, 135-139, 142, 143, 145, 147 et 148] in April 2018, as part of the collective exposition "Tout contexte est art" (Every context is art) (Galerie UQO, May 2nd to June 8th 2018). For this purpose, he was assigned a residence in DAÎMÔN between April 2nd and May 2nd 2018.   


You are most welcome to activate, in turn, these conceptual statements at any time and without prior authorization.

You are also kindly requested to send the documentation surrounding these performances (pictures, videos, audio tracks, texts...), so that it is added to the corresponding statements: SEND CONTENT

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The artist would like to thank warmly for their unfailing support, their generosity and friendly attention:

Daniel Roy, Martin Vinette, Patrice Loubier, Anne Bénichou, David Tomas, Suzanne Paquet, Pierre Gosselin, the Doctorat en Études et pratiques des arts (UQAM), all the team from DARE-DARE Centre de diffusion d'art multidisciplinaire de Montréal and in particular Julie Fournier Lévesque, Martin Dufrasne, Geneviève Massé, all the team from DAÏMÔN, and in particular Martine H. Crispo, François Cambe, Michael Caffrey et Diane Charland, all the team from Galerie UQO, and in particular Jean-Michel Quirion et Marie-Hélène Leblanc, all the team from d'AXENÉO7, Hugues Loinard, Simon Vézina et Tribal Solutions, Sophie Préfontaine, Sophie Lapalu, Julia Roberge Van Der Donckt,  Emmanuel Galland, Tania Perlini, my mother Andrée Boivin, Nathalie Boivin, Karl-Alexandre Turgeon-Boivin, Jean-François De La Rosa Boivin, Jean-François Xavier De La Rosa Leclair, Bryanna De La Rosa Leclair, Èva De La Rosa Leclair, Roxanne Leclair, Marthe Boivin and my family, Louis-Philippe Alain, Pierre-Marc Beaudoin, Geneviève Bordeleau, Carl Therrien, Jonathan Houle, Christina Rogov, David Manseau, Anne Pominville, Karina Roy, Kathleen Hayes, Mathieu Grandmaison, Julie Bergeron, Isabelle Choquette, Marion Defaut, Quentin Lannes, Michael Nardone, Monique Piché, Yves Vinette, Billy Vinette, Vicky Vinette, Virginye Vinette,  Jiří Kovanda, Philip Davenport, Tony Trehy, Derek Beaulieu, Robert Fitterman, Kenneth Goldsmith, Vanessa Place, Craig Dworkin, Christian Bök, Darren Wershler, Sina Queyras, Ola Stahl, Hermann Zschiegner, Thomas Geiger, Mikko Kuorinki, Philip Newcombe, Martijn in 't Veld... and all the people among you who will go along with the game.